Anti Saving

A design-theoretical project that questions the virtue of saving.

1. Old legends, such as those about King Midas, condemn greed for money. The hoarding of money led to the death of King Midas.

2. Silvio Gesell (1862 – 1930, financial theorist), inventor of the so-called “free money”, believed that money had to circu- late for a functioning economy. Free money is a currency secured in circulation that loses its value the longer it is held.

3. Local currency, which loses its value over time to help the Austrian city of Wörgl out of the great financial depression in 1929.

4. What does the Golf II have to do with it? Nothing, really. This is about the paint. This widely used car paint bleaches out over the years and leaves an unsightly stamp of time.

5. The Pantone color “Warm Red” has the characteristic of not being particularly UV stable and quickly losing its intensity when printing. Well suited for a banknote that shows how old it is.

6. The 1- color offset printed banknotes. They
are provided with a scale that shows the value 2 of the banknote at the moment in time. The
scale is sealed with a UV coating so that it
does not fade.

Even if saving money is a virtue, it does not mean that hoarding money is beneficial. Because the permanent withholding of money causes the system to stagnate. If nothing is bought, people lose their jobs and have less money to consume again. A downward spiral is pre-programmed.

Arvid Riemeyer
Design Theorie
Design Academy Eindhoven
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