What will the stationary market look like in the future? Will real retail space still be nec- essary alongside online retail? The weakness of online retail is the anonymity of its con- sumers. Only offline market still offers the possibility to create dreams and desires. After all, it is through coming together and social exchange that what inspires people to consume. Subcul- tures don‘t develop online, they need meeting places. And even if the future stores function more as places of inspiration and exchange, they thus possess a power that cannot be replaced.

Technomorph is a modular frame- work system that allows to create interior concepts, as well as ar- chitectural structures. The project started as a cooperation with the Hamburg sneaker and streetware boutique „Allike“, which needed a new store interior. In order to offer a sustainable alternative to the constant change in the fashion industry, we built a modular store concept which consist of joints and rods. This can be adapted to the circumstances depending on the event or season. In this way, the fast pace of the industry is countered with a flexible but sus- tainable concept. Our aim was to develop a simple system that could be assembled and disassembled without much explanation. For this purpose we developed a connector system, which forms the necessary „frame- work“ with standardized lengths for many sit- uations. Pop-up stores, interiors, furniture, social places can be created with the system of technomorph.

Arvid Riemeyer, Liam Statz
Product Design
Muthesius Kunsthochschule
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